• Chamfer revolver barrel: $50.00

  • Chamfer revolver cylinder: $60.00

  • Revolver action job: $50.00-$100.00 (clean, smooth action, not including replacement of parts)

  • Re-barrel revolver: $60.00-$100.00 (remove old barrel, replace with new factory barrel, labor only)

  • Straighten crane on revolver: $50.00

  • Install crane lock: $50.00

  • Remove/modify revolver hammer spur: hourly rate

  • Convert revolver from square to round butt: $65.00

  • Semi-auto pistol action job: $50.00-$150.00 (clean, smooth action, not including any parts)

  • Bevel mag. well: hourly rate

  • Cut slide for dovetail front sight: $50.00 (without cost of sight)

  • Cut slide for Novak rear: $145.00 (without cost of sight)

Prices and Services

Our rates are consistent with or lower than the national averages as per the Brownell’s Survey.

*All prices are for estimate purposes only and can vary depending on the details of your particular situation.

**Any prices and services not mentioned can be quoted.


  • Work by hand per hour: $50.00

  • Work by man & machine per hour: $85.00

  • Minimum charge per gun: $25.00